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Kate Tallent's blog

Giving a Client the Big Kiss Off

We have all had client relationships that were, or are, the equivalent of a bad marriage. What first seems like bliss can nosedive into an abysmal mess. Sometimes neither side is “wrong” — but for a variety of reasons known and unknown, the chemistry, goodwill, and other positives found in good client relationships are just not present. Neither party is fulfilled. Question is, when do you move on and how do you justify it to yourself and your accountant? What are the criteria you use and how does this make sense from a business perspective?

To Be or Not to Be: a C or S Corporation

Nurturing Creativity

Creativity is a funny thing. For that matter so is graphic design. It inhabits a weird netherworld of a profession where it looks really easy when done really well — I think of it as figure skating in that way — but is actually pretty demanding: requiring research, analytical thinking, discipline, constant practice, and ample amounts of intuition. All that before any knowledge of software.

Good Recordkeeping Saves the Day

Beginning with drawing Kimba the White Lion as a 5-year old in Philadelphia, ever since I have been painting, printmaking and eventually designing. Somehow this all lead to starting a design business in Washington, DC in January of 2005. To this day I still consider myself an artist first and an “accidental business-person” second.

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