H Street NorthEast


In the summer of 2014, KTD Creative worked with two wonderful graduate students from the University of Baltimore (Donald Whelan and Stacey Brooks) and a recent graduate named Emily Sajewski on a donated social media project and logo for H Street merchants in DC.

Communicating that connects

As part of this project, KTD Creative donated a logo design and worked with rock star designer Jeremy Friend who designed the fabulous logo you see. We think Jeremy is tops and are grateful for his distinctive style, which suited the project.

KTD Creative art-directed the logo design project as well as the entire social media campaign. All of it was donated. The students took photos, wrote copy, and created the various sites. Overall, the social media project included a Facebook page, Twitter, a WordPress site, and an Instagram page. KTD Creative worked with Ricardo Vergara of the H Street County Club as our point of contact with the merchants in the area.