KTD Creative has a network of talented DC-based partners. Depending on your project, we tap the skills of photographers, public relations experts (PR), SEO experts and other professionals. Our partners are some of the top experts in their field. When needed, we include these professionals in our project teams. Our partners allow KTD Creative to scale up a project when needed without the cost of carrying that overhead. The savings are passed on to our clients.


Meet our Partners:

Copywriting/Editing/Content Development/PR/Marketing
Grassfed Media
Grassfed Media is a boutique PR and marketing firm that works with companies and non-profits that are in the business of making the world a better place. From environmentally friendly lifestyle brands to animal welfare non-profits to local restaurants, we help clients reach new audiences and the media through a comprehensive suite of services including branding, PR, social media, and event promotion. Clients have included The Partnership for a Healthier America, Equinox Restaurant, Compassion Over Killing/DC VegFest, Soupergirl, the HeathWell Foundation, and many others. Grassfed Media supports KTD Creative with PR and more on an as needed basis.


Online Fundraising and Marketing
Brett Gerstein, Fliptide
Brett is an experienced digital marketer who helps organizations acquire and retain supporters. Using inbound and outbound marketing strategies, he helps nonprofits organically create buzz around an issue and amplify it through digital advertising. Brett has worked with top NGOs including American Diabetes Association, AmeriCares, Special Olympics International, The League of Women Voters and many others. He lives in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, DC with his wife, and daughter.

Brett’s areas of focus include:

  • Online Strategy
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Content Management Systems
  • Blog and Content Writing
  • Email Campaigns
  • SEO


Copywriting/Editing/Content Development
Linda Schubert
Linda is an experienced editor and she began her editing career on the staff of Virginia Tech’s college paper, The Collegiate Times, where she worked her way up from editorial assistant to features editor. After college, she spent 13 years with The Journal Newspapers, a chain of daily papers that covered the Washington, D.C., suburbs. She started as a copy editor and page designer on the free weekly publication, Journal Life. At various times in subsequent years Linda was in charge of the daily paper’s health section, real estate section, automotive section, comics pages, fashion pages and community sections. She spent the last nine years in charge of the features department.

From there, she worked for six years as a copy editor on The Baltimore Sun’s metro, national/international and features copy desks. Her last two years at The Sun were spent working as a metro editor, which included shifts as the night city editor and digital editor. Currently Linda is a senior consultant for Red Badge Consulting. They provide setup, training, support and documentation for a newspaper content management system. Linda also supports KTD Creative with writing and editing when needed. We are lucky to have her!


Copywriting/Editing/Content Development
Loren M. Blinde, PhD

Loren Blinde is an experienced digital and print copywriter and editor who combines the writing and research skills of a college English professor with the marketing savvy of a creative entrepreneur. With nearly 20 years of experience working with clients in the nonprofit, government, healthcare, education, financial services, and tech sectors, Loren specializes in translating complex material into easy-to- understand content.

An experienced digital and print copywriter who combines the writing and research skills of a college English professor with the marketing savvy of a creative entrepreneur, Loren has completed hundreds of projects using an audience-based approach she has honed over 15 years of helping people and organizations communicate effectively in writing.

Loren brings a strong academic background to the craft. After earning a PhD in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, she worked as a visiting assistant professor of English at Randolph-Macon College and a grant writer at the Child and Family Network Centers, a Washington, DC-area nonprofit organization, before launching her copywriting practice in 2008.

At KTD Creative, Loren helps organizations energize their communications using an audience-based approach that gets results.


Video Production
Three Seas, Inc.
Three Seas, Inc. is the parent company of Cerebral Lounge, a full-service production company that collaborates with our clients to help them turn their artistic vision into reality. However big or small the project, they work with all types of businesses. Their client base is broad and includes public relations firms, advertising and marketing agencies, corporations, broadcast networks, associations and nonprofits.

With their diverse team of talent, they have expertise in all aspects of the visual process including editorial, 2D/3D motion graphics, color correction/grading, compositing/VFX, writing/concept development, production, directing/VFX supervision and VR/360 video. In addition to Cerebral Lounge, Three Seas, Inc. has two companies in its portfolio, Clean Cuts and Noise Distillery, that specialize in audio post production and custom music, respectively.

Three Seas is a proud partner of KTD Creative and shares similar values of:


Video Production
Reel Media
Reel Media is a Baltimore-based, boutique video and motion-graphics production studio created to tell your organization’s story. Owned by Rachel Millman, their videography and editing is superb. Well-versed in creating branded content that creatively portrays your desired message, Reel Media is adept at asking the questions that allow for a deeper understanding of your business’s video needs. Clients range from medical practices, lawyers, schools, start-ups, restaurants, realtors, non-profits, and everything in between.